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All good things come in two. One is blonde, and the other is auburn. 

June and Beatrice share a unique take on professional companionship as they strive to make your dreams come true. Working together as a real-life couple, they also offer solo dates.

After studying human sexuality and psychology in graduate school, these Québécoises have decided to take a more hands-on approach to the subject. Ménage à trois is their specialty.

Natural looking with porcelain skin, these two young bisexual women form a stunning duo. Intelligent, caring, and devoted, June and Beatrice value above all human connections and carnal pleasure. Open-minded and well-travelled, they think that sensuality and sexuality also come in two, and should be experienced freely and positively by everyone, regardless of gender, look, or physical capacity.

If they sound like the type of playful companions you are looking for, please introduce yourself via the contact form to embark on a new adventure, whether for a solo or duo date! 

Hi! I’m June.

I’m a young sexologist, turned professional companion on a mission to make you smile, and sigh of contentment. I’m open-minded and creative, and I’m known for my witty sense of humor and playfulness. I’m also known for my strikingly slender hands, my sumptuous hourglass figure, my opulent blonde mane, and my luscious pout. 

I enjoy discovering new scenery by going hiking, exploring my body through kundalini yoga, biking and endless winter walks under the stars. I’m weirdly attracted to foreign cinema, the female gaze, and leather pants although not specifically in that order. I enjoy spending time with friends, attending concerts, and reading non-fiction.

If I sound like the type of girlfriend you are looking for, please introduce yourself via our contact form. I’m really looking forward to meeting you.


Québécoise from French descent
Early thirties
Blonde with blue eyes
Perfectly proportioned lips
Five foot four
34B (natural)
A few medium size tattoos (thighs and arms)
A few elegant piercings
Very fair skin with some freckles
Speaks English & French

Hi! I’m Beatrice.

Let’s be honest: I’m a prodigious catch.

“Hey, that’s easy to say”, you’ll  tell me? You are right. Allow me to specify.

Beauty-wise, you’re welcome to make good use of the photos and get an eyeful as you wait for our phenomenal real-life rendezvous. In person, you’ll be consumed with every little piece of me: the way I talk, laugh and smile; how I smell, move, and touch you… 

As for cognitive attraction, prepare yourself for unprecedented levels of chemistry with my way of thinking. Stating that I’m intelligent would be an understatement, as I’ve been given the clinical stamp of intellectual giftedness, but you’ll be the judge of that.

You know what else? I take pride in being hilarious, rupturing spleens every chance I get. I bet I can make you laugh until you can’t wipe the smile off your face. Although, perhaps that smile was triggered for a whole other reason…

So, yeah, I am a one-in-a-million gal. The secret is: my fiancée is even hotter, smarter, and funnier. You don’t want to miss out on the time of your life with both of us.
Go ahead, confirm my words by booking a date.

French Canadian origins
Auburn with green-brown hazel eyes
Thin-fit healthy body
34B (natural)
No tattoos
Navel piercing
Silky porcelain skin
Speaks English & French


Take a lover who looks at you
like maybe you are magic.
Frida Kahlo


All donations below represent the total amount for time with one of us. For a duo with both of us, donations are doubled.

Intimate Dates

1 Hour500 CAD
1.5 Hours700 CAD
2 Hours900 CAD
3 Hours1350 CAD
4 Hours1800 CAD
6 Hours2700 CAD
Overnight (14 hours)3500 CAD
Whole Day (24 hours)4500 CAD
Weekend (48 hours)7000 CAD

Social Dates

1 Hour200 CAD

Dinner Dates

4 Hours1200 CAD

90-minute appointments are preferred.

For couples, throuples, and polycules, an additional $100 will be added per person for every hour.

Dates of 4 hours or more should include a meal. A non-refundable 25% deposit is required for each booking. Incall fees will apply.

Donations are for companionship only. What might happen during our time together is between consenting adults indulging themselves.

Online (Beatrice)

GFE texting…
30 min.
60 min.

PSE* sexting…
30 min.
60 min.

Personalized selfies (6**)45
Love letter***100
* Including a few selfies or short videos
**First, I’ll send 3 photos based on the requests. Then, I’ll send 3 more after receiving feedback.
*** French/English, 1 page, personalized. I am one hell of an epistolary writer.


I can drive within 300 km of Downtown Montreal.

Fees: 0.45/km + parking
Same donations as Montreal’s.


  • Multi-hours/days only
  • Non-refundable deposit: 50% donations + transportation fees
  • 4- or 5-star hotel
  • Usual etiquette applies


Non-refundable deposit: plane tickets + taxi/uber + hotel + 50% donations
Food & activities to your expenses

Canada Donations:

Social Dates*

Daytime (8H)1400
Whole Day (24H)2600
Weekend (48H)4800

*No intimate interactions

Intimate Dates

Overnight (14H)4000
Whole Day (24H)5000
Weekend (48H)7500

Social/Intimate Combos

Acquaintance and fun
2H non-intimate activity
2H intimate time 
Soirée and sleepover
2H non-intimate activity
2H intimate time 

8H sleep
2H breakfast
Soirée, sleepover, and daytime
2H non-intimate activity
2H intimate time 

8H sleep
2H breakfast

2H non-intimate activity
2H intimate time 


01) At least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. We can sleep in the same room or different ones.

02) Booking:

       – I book the flights (I can travel in economy class).

       – I can book the hotel (incall). 

       – If outcall (you book the hotel), I must approve of the chosen hotel (4- or 5-star).

03) I will not get in a private car with you for security reasons. We can take public transport or a taxi/uber if needed.

04) My usual etiquette applies.


We pride ourselves in our professionalism and promise to keep to ourselves what was said to us during our encounter. 

We expect the same from you. We can sign a non-disclosure agreement upon request. 

We want to look our best when meeting with you, and we love the process of getting ready for our date. 

You can expect us to be freshly showered, tastefully dressed, and wearing elegant makeup. Given that our date is a special occasion, we would like to receive the same attention from you. You are kindly expected to freshen up in person before our ménage à trois. Toiletries and a shower will be provided for you at our incall.

We are delighted to welcome you upon your arrival.
We ask that you place in plain sight the total donation in an envelope before freshening up.


Your time is precious, and so is ours. 

We’ll be waiting to hear from you at least 48 hours before our encounter should you cancel our date. Otherwise, a 50% cancellation fee is expected to be transferred via email to cancel, and a deposit is required to reschedule. The whole donation is required should you cancel less than 24 hours before our encounter. 

We will plan our day according to our date and expect you to be on time. 

If we are ready on time but you are running late, our date will end at the initially agreed time. 

We can welcome you at our discreet incall, located in downtown Montreal.

Outcalls are to be held in upscale hotels only.


Gifts are not expected, but are always warmly welcomed. Here’s how to pleasure us.


See also my wishlist.


I prefer ethical and meaningful gifts. A gift’s thoughtful and ethical qualities mean significantly more to me than its monetary value or its flashy, fancy aspects.

Clothing size: XS, or 0, or 25
Shoe size: 6, or 36


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